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It has long been known that Down’s syndrome is associated with an individual having an extra copy of chromosome 21. Research findings at the 18th Reported in July advanced online publication of Nature Neuroscience, have the critical genetic elements narrowed for some aspects of Down syndrome.. Research findingsify critical genes for Down syndromeDown syndrome is a known cause of mental retardation and other medical problems, including early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

This study shows again that can research on Down syndrome us new insights into the mechanisms that regulate growth of the brain and may help with a better understanding of other neurological disorders such as autism, he said. the need the need studies on humans studies on humans and also show that can Olig1 and Olig2 inhibitors a potential therapeutic role for Down syndrome individuals – source :.According to the CDC leading diabetes is one $ 174,000 costs in the America each year, of them 116 USD the direct medical costs have.

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