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The findings provide a new explanation for the neurologic and cerebral complications diabetes diabetes, including cognitive dysfunction, depression , and increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers said read article . – ‘People with diabetes may have a lot of problems with brain function, especially if it is uncontrolled,’said C. Ronald Kahn of the Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard. ‘The assumption was that this was related to the impact of poor glycemic control. Our findings suggest an entirely new concept. ‘.

The key to attractive ? A good night’s sleepIf you look good and want to be healthy, is the best thing you can do, a good night’s sleep, finds research in the Christmas issue on today published.For the first time, according to the authors, there is scientific support for the concept of beauty sleep.The study, led by John Axelsson from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, examined the relationship between sleep and perceptions of attractiveness and health. The authors believe that this research is in today’s society important 24 hours by the number of people. From insomnia and sleep disorders on the rise.

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the symptoms in patients with a with IBS-C and chronic idiopathic constipation are serious impact on stakeholders ‘ in the United States D. Professor of Gastroenterology from the University of Michigan Health System. The approval of LINZESS provides physicians with a Last, evidence-based, effective treatment option for their adult patients IBS-C and of chronic idiopathic blockage. .

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