In the July in the July August issue of Public Health.

In the July – in the July – August issue of Public Health, researchers found that 26.7 % of homeless adults tested and interviewed in downtown Los Angeles ‘ Skid Row were with the hepatitis C virus infected – more than 10 times the 2 % rate in the general U.S. Population. Of the respondents, 46.1 % were not, that they are infected. Four % of respondents were HIV positive.

Begin The cost of their untreated hepatitis C can escalating soon, how many are approaching 20 years of infection, which is the point where we see escalating risk of liver cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease, expensive health care services utilization, and liver transplant. .. Just a few of infected homeless adults surveyed ever received treatment for their HCV, Dr. Lillian Gelberg, a professor of family medicine at the said David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, conducted the study with Dr. Marjorie Robertson of LED Public Health Institute’s Alcohol Research Group. Utilization, and who were infected were treated ever knew. – Your Hepatitis C can result in high costs for the public and the health care system if the progression of her disease is not stopped by treatment, said Gelberg, who is also professor of public health at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.Since the WHO World Alliance for patients Safety meets now Dublin to work in better case management by incorporating of the patient a leading patient advocate leaders in the health sector asked to the threat of be borne counterfeit medicines.

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