In the absence of an HIV vaccine.

In the absence of an HIV vaccine, there are proven methods for preventing HIV transmission that we as a global community must implement on a wider scale. Transmission of HIV.ods include HIV / AIDS education and behavior change, condom use for sexual transmission of HIV to prevent, medically supervised adult male circumcision in appropriate settings; stem needle exchange programs bloodborne HIV transmission among injecting drug users and the use of antiretroviral drugs in HIV – infected pregnant women to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

We have to regroup and commit ourselves to the development of an HIV vaccine and other new prevention weapons while proven HIV prevention tools to those who need them. The global fight against the HIV / AIDS pandemic is any prevention tool of utmost importance.Scrotal skin. No-Needle vasectomies The inventionOf American couple select between 7 percent and 10 percent of vasectomy a form of birth control. It the vasectomy conducted the most common urological procedure in North America to more than 555,000 at the U.S. And Canada each year.

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