If the source of infection is determined to come from Beijing Institute of Virology.

If the source of infection is determined to come from Beijing Institute of Virology, this is the first outbreak of SARS in a laboratory acquired virus caused, which could potentially lead to different patterns of disease and its transmission. Previous in the laboratory-associated cases – result in no further transmission – one case each in Singapore in September 2003, and in Taiwan, China in December 2003. Both cases recovered fully.

In addition, four cases reported in Guangdong Province in December 2003 and January 2004, presumably acquired from an environmental source. In contrast to the current outbreak, these cases were associated with mild disease lead to other lead to other secondary transfer.‘chandelier is director of the MGH Centre for Immunology and Inflammatory Disease and Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School . Tager be MGH MGH CIID and opened a clinic to pulmonary fibrosis and lung disease. He has assistant professor of medicine on the HMS.. Results arehway be published Crucial in the development of pulmonary fibrosis.

The primary characteristic of the IPF being scarring of surface of the lung, which makes it no oxygen transmitted into the blood circulation.

National Institutes of Health.. ###Other co-authors the study, Peter LaCamera, Barry Shea, Gabriele Campanella, John Wain, Banu Karimi – Shah, Nancy Kim , and William Hart, of MGH is; Moyses Selman, National Institute for on Diseases of respiratory United States Zhenwen Zhao and Yan Xu, Indiana University School of Medicine; Vasiliy Polosukhin and Timothy Blackwell, Nashville University School of Medicine; Annie Gaspardo, nation Autonomous University of Mexico, and Jerold Chun, Scripps Research Institute. The study was supported by grants from which Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, the American Lung Association, the Nirenberg the Centre for Advanced Lung Disease, the nation Autonomous University of Mexico, and of U.S.