I am spotting blood in my own stool when I visit the bathroom.

This involves utilizing a flexible tube with a surveillance camera on the end to see the interior of the colon. If growths are found, they could be sampled and perhaps taken out through the process. The samples are then examined to discover if they contain cancer. If there is no malignancy, then colon cancer can frequently be ruled out as the reason for the blood. Unfortunately, all too often, an individual’s physician will simply assume the blood is from hemorrhoids without referring the individual to a gastroenterologistand without conducting any tests, such as a colonoscopy, in order to make sure there is no cancer. Why is this such a vital mistake? To understand that let’s briefly look at how cancer kills.Pfizer shall tell CHOP researchers an extensive collection of antibodies and various other proteins, along with other proprietary analysis and drug-development tools. CHOP investigators will collaborate with Pfizer scientists at CTI laboratories in both Boston and New York City. The goal is to advance a project into a Phase 1 clinical trial. This partnership provides together the leading technology at The Children's Medical center of Philadelphia with Pfizer's global capabilities, said Jose Carlos Gutierrez-Ramos, Ph.D., senior vice president, Head of Biotherapeutics R&D at Pfizer. Together, we increase the potential to bring novel medicines to patients.