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‘This not only has an impact on their work lives, but increases the need to monitor blood sugar levels even. Moreover, the events during sleep are a challenge for people with diabetes. ‘.. – hypoglycemia tend at night and persons persons 22, 24.9 percent in) came to late for work or missed a full day of work as a result of a nocturnal episode.1 events during work hours to 18.3 percent of the people led to the work either left early or miss a full day.1 – ‘Many people with diabetes struggle with hypoglycemia on a regular basis,’said lead researcher and health psychologist Dr.

Towards this goal.ty Comment On Social Care system reform promisesAlistair Darling budget speechannounced in his budget speech Alistair Darling, that the Government will shortly be setting out their long-term plans for social care reform and the necessary steps in the next parliament to move towards this goal.John Elcock, lecturer at Scottish Agricultural College and a representative of of the College Learning Division , Health and Safety Committee, said:.