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She is an associate of the Female Health Company Board and is chair and board member of The Female Health Base, which she founded in 1994. She actually is also co-founder of the business enterprise Woman’s Initiative against HIV/AIDS. Leeper received a reputation award in 2005 from US and global health firms for her pioneering initiatives in the region of women’s health, associated with female safety and reproductive health especially. During that period, the overall measure of child health insurance and well-becoming improved by 16 %. Those gains, however, could have been even higher except for deep losses in the region of family economics. Just like the Dow Jones or Consumer Price Index , the California Index offers a summary measure to compare tendencies over time.Â.

Broken Leg Symptoms The main symptoms of a broken leg are pain, swelling, and deformity. A damaged leg can be quite obvious, but may require an X-ray to diagnose. Even when very obvious, an X-ray usually must evaluate the intensity of the fracture and exact alignment of bone fragments. Pain caused by a broken bone is normally severe. Holding the bone still will decrease pain. Movement of the broken bone increase pain. Swelling and bruising over the area of a break are common. Deformity of the leg may appear in these forms: Shortening: The broken leg shows up shorter than the unaffected leg. Rotation: The leg below the break is usually twisted. Angulation: The leg bends at the break rather than at the joint.. Cambridge Heart’s modified Alternans technology to identify myocardial ischemia Cambridge Center, Inc.