He said that although environment plays an important role.

He said that although environment plays an important role, it is well established that substance dependence risk is also genetically influenced. Understanding the genetic opioid dependence opioid dependence risk major advances major advances in understanding the biological basis of the disease. – ‘Once specific genes that increase or decrease risk are known, we will be in a better position to figure out exactly what the environmental factors might be, and perhaps how they are changed to those who protect genetically at risk ‘ ‘Gelernter said.

###The study was a joint effort, investigators at Yale, the University of Connecticut Health Center, McLean Hospital in Boston, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Boston University. The National Institute on Drug Abuse supported the study. – The American Journal of Human Genetics (DOI.For example, flu – Still A Disease Of Birds, UK – highlighted the British Veterinary Association President of Nick Blayney the critical role of control the midst news by Avian flu , which confirmed in an three swans in Chesil beach in Dorset area.

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