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Generic tablets and oral solution form in September 2005 after the GlaxoSmithKline patent on the drug under the brand name Retrovir sold . ‘This is a significant generic approval,’Andrew von Eschenbach, acting FDA commissioner added: ‘Approval of this additional dosage form of zidovudine should contribute to entire Kaiser cost of this therapy for American patients ‘.. Generic tablets Aurobindo U.S. Sale Zidovudine CapsuleFDA on Friday granted Indian drug companies to sell Aurobindo Pharma approval and market in the U.S.

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HIV-positive people officially Joined more than 305,000 cases of in 1987, UNAIDS estimated 860,000 cases.

Russian Federation little more a little more than 305,000 HIV-positive people in 1987, a Russian official told Monday, Xinhuanet trusted (Xinhuanet, From 1987.242 HIV was were registered in in Russia, and this figure 1 285 had AIDS. On 900 from those who have AIDS, death, Larisa Dementyeva, by a representative of Russian consumers Control HIV / AIDS surveillance Department, told (to Interfax, in the year 2004, in Russia more than 33,000 new HIV diagnoses, recorded a 17.5 percent decrease compared to the level of 2003, told Dementyeva (Xinhuanet, however, UNAIDS estimates that approximately 860,000 HIV-positive people live in Russia according MosNews.