Found only in people of African descent treat swelling.

It is possible to of people of African descent: MUHC Describes gene Shuts Down Immune SystemCaspase-12 is a molecule with a death wish. Found only in people of African descent, turns this protein our body ‘s immune system, opening the door to potentially deadly infections. In a groundbreaking new study in the prestigious journal Nature this week published the team that first discovered the role of caspase-12 in humans now, the mechanism by which sabotages us, allowing researchers to their deleterious their harmful impact revealed meet treat swelling .

Caspase-12 in in around 20 percent of people of African descent, but was entirely lost from all other ethnicities around 60,000 years ago. ‘It’s a mystery why only African populations retained this enzyme,’says Dr. Maya Saleh, a medical scientist in the Critical Care Division at the MUHC and assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at McGill University. ‘It is possible that in Africa the protein could even have a protective function fighting autoimmune diseases or perhaps parasites, like malaria, today caspase-12 provides no benefit to those who carry it, and often leaves the body vulnerable to life-threatening infections. And sepsis ‘Only by investigating the mechanisms by which caspase-12 works, which we can hoping that inhibit its destructive effects,’says Dr. Saleh and a research team from Merck and the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in San Diego conducted laboratory experiments with mice deficient in the caspase – 12 gene. ‘We discovered that caspase – 12 blocks the body ‘s inflammatory response to infection by blocking the activity of another useful enzyme,’says Dr. ‘It is a bit like the bad leading the good astray. Saleh discovery is an important step can forward and will allow researchers strengthen treatments that help the immune system of those people unfortunate enough to to develop to the caspase – 12 gene product have.

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