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Swift Designed for SaleOctober 2006, 53000 Km’s, New Wheels Asking a couple of. 15 lakhs Green tea extract Consumption continuously has been linked to lower number of cases of bust cancer. The phyto-chemicals in green tea leaf can successfully take the credit due to its health rewards. Someone to help two cups of green natural tea daily can help you keep cancer from increasing. Peppers Choose a pepper, virtually any pepper! Most have some phytochemical or nutrient that will help fight cancers even. Turmeric A piquancy generally present in our land cancer-fighting element called curcumin can simply inhibit various types of cancer cells, including bust, gastrointestinal, lung, and epidermis cancers.He reintroduced legislation once again in April, though, which he says he hopes will force the Protection Department ‘to dig deeper to discover whether there exists a service-related trigger for the alarming rate of those users who are diagnosed.’ If his suspicions in some way are confirmed – that, these service members are being exposed to something in connection with their military program – he wants Protection officials to eventually classify breast cancer as a service-related disability, which would clear just how for them to receive Veterans Administration benefits for treatment. Reports said an unusual amount of breast cancer cases in guys have occurred in males who lived and worked at Camp Lejeune, N.C., where one of two U.S.