Doctors have struggled to get some TB individuals to take all their medication.

Others abandon the medications because of side effects such as nausea, fever and rashes. If the medications sporadically are taken only, the bacteria build up level of resistance. The WHO estimates that 5 to ten % of TB deaths are individuals who stop taking medicine properly. The MIT group – which originally included five college students – had taken on the TB issue in 2007 as part of the university’s annual Tips competition, which challenges individuals to resolve various world problems. Beneath the TB treatment system utilized by the WHO, the relationship between the patient and health care worker will get adversarial, said Elizabeth Leshen, an MIT junior working on the project. We wanted to take action that takes medical care worker out of the supervisory part and puts him or her back into the patient care part, she said.Erbitux is FDA-approved for certain types of cancer of the colon already, and has been authorized since 2006 for treatment of non-metastatic head and neck cancers in conjunction with radiation therapy or as an individual agent . According to the National Cancers Institute, head and throat cancers account for 3 % to 5 % of most cancers in the United States. These cancers typically develop in the nose, throat or mouth and they are more common in guys and in people more than 50. Erbitux’s ability to expand the lives of patients with head and neck cancers is an important device for oncologists who frequently depend on a multi-treatment strategy for patients, said Richard Pazdur, M.D., director of any office of Hematology and Oncology Drug Products in the FDA’s Middle for Medication Evaluation and Research.