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In cases of severe illness and dehydration, the doctor may recommend entrance to the hospital to be able to start aggressive treatment with intravenous fluid and antibiotics, aswell for close monitoring for any metabolic disturbances and proof severe irritation and distention of the colon. In severe instances, oral intake is stopped in order to provide rest to the colon and stop further stimulation of the bowel. Entrance to the intensive care unit may sometimes be necessary when there is evidence of unstable blood circulation pressure and disturbance of other body functions. It might take several days for the diarrhea to stop, despite prompt discontinuation of the offending antibiotics and aggressive health care. It is essential to notice that contrary to other notable causes of diarrhea, anti-diarrheal medicines are discouraged in C.The Foundation awarded grants for the following tasks in India: All India Institute of Diabetes and Research – A pilot program in Mehsana and Sabarkantha, two rural districts in the condition of Gujrat that have experienced HBV outbreaks, will expand HBV testing in public areas health care institutions, make vaccinations even more obtainable through a network of nongovernmental businesses and hospitals widely, and train health care practitioners on injection basic safety and universal precautions against HBV. MAMTA – Healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, laboratory others and specialists who come into direct contact with hepatitis patients, will receive trained in HCV and HBV risk assessment, disease avoidance and risk management. Community-based programs shall target high-risk groups, including intravenous drug user and their partners, pregnant newborns and women.