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She set up the Florida Culture of Addiction Medication and attained designation of the specialty by the Florida Medical Association and subsequent reputation by the American Medical Association. Her numerous additional accomplishments benefiting public wellness include chronic pain administration and the correct use of substitute and complementary medications. Hennekens has received several recent honors like the 2013 Fries Prize for Improving Wellness for his seminal contributions to the procedure and prevention of coronary disease, the 2013 Presidential Award from his alma mater, Queens University, for his distinguished contributions to culture, the 2013 honoree within FAU's Charles E.Related StoriesResearch identifies liver pathway that contributes to negative effects of high-excess fat, high-cholesterol processed foods dietFamilial hypercholesterolemia sufferers can reap the benefits of alirocumab drugStopping cholesterol medications before surgery may increase risk of death during recovery Cho and colleagues had previously found evidence that cholesterol was straight interacting with many proteins within the inside of the cell. The conversation seemed essential for the correct functioning of the proteins. This was quite a astonishing finding, said Cho, because cholesterol resides within the membrane, sandwiched between its external and inner face.