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We are extremely excited and hopeful that this new cell-centered therapy can play a significant role in the treatment of children with congenital cardiovascular disease, many of whom don’t possess other options. Dr. Kaushal envisions cellular therapy as the stand-alone therapy for children with heart failing or an adjunct to medical and surgical treatments. While surgery can provide structural relief for some patients with congenital cardiovascular disease and medicine can enhance heart function up to two %, he says cellular therapy may improve heart function a lot more dramatically.The Wall Road Journal’s Washington Wire: ‘Kennedy, among the leading advocates for this year’s health care bill, died of a mind tumor prior to the sweeping overhaul was enacted in March. As he signed the bill, President Barack Obama honored Kennedy by putting on a blue ‘TedStrong’ wristband. The new law, with a big price tag and requirement that most people must have insurance coverage, has now become a concern in the midterm elections’ . Boston Globe: ‘Edward M. Kennedy may have died of mind cancer last year, but that has not softened Jimmy Carter’s evaluation of his rival for the 1980 Democratic presidential nomination’ .