CPhI to conduct the 4th NEXTGEN China 2014 Meeting from March 27 to 28 In March 2012.

CPhI to conduct the 4th NEXTGEN China 2014 Meeting from March 27 to 28 In March 2012, the 1st Nextgen China was held in Shanghai successfully acting faster . FDA, USP, national institutes for Food and Medication Control and leading pharmaceutical businesses from home and abroad were invited to give presentations. More than 180 generic medication makers attended the summit. It was an unprecedentedly grand occasion and won a favorable reception. In November 2012, over 200 decision makers from the government, generics companies and primary medicine businesses gathered for the 2nd Nextgen China, that was held in Beijing. They discussed the latest regulations, market technology and circumstances and gave high evaluations of this summit.


CSIS paper examines U.S. Function in global polio eradication The Center for Strategic & International Studies has published a paper , titled ‘The U.S. Role In Global Polio Eradication,’ that ‘has an summary of the global polio eradication effort, emphasizing the U.S. Role,’ based on the paper's overview. The paper, authored by CSIS Global Health Plan Center Fellow Nellie Bristol, aims ‘to describe how the Global Polio Eradication Initiative came to where it really is today and discuss programs for shifting it forward. But by highlighting American involvement, the paper aims to help U.S. Policymakers understand the expenses, benefits, and issues of polio eradication and plans to comprehensive eradication and changeover GPEI methods and assets into other programs’ .