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Some of the other proposed changes call for accelerating reviews of drugs high-quality genericsalternatives; adding more generic reviewers to the employees of 215, the development and improvement of the application and document handling systems and looking for other FDA departments and resources available for assistance. – Gary Beuhler, FDA director for generic drugs, the plan is intended to help FDA Keeping pace with the increasing number of generic applications by the use of new resources, the agency can be reviewed and approved even more high-quality generics during the upcoming financial year, as it did in 2007, FDA approved 682 generic applications in fiscal year 2007. An increase of 30 percent from the FY 2006th The agency also has an order backlog of more than 1,300 drug applications to about 780 in December 2005..However despite the fact that that many people believe that a healthy diet free more money, research has shown that a major variability below the Value of foods with similar nutrient dense. ‘Therefore, Kennedy believe in that ‘the work with participants who could affect their eating habits in a nutritious diet for less money run ‘.. Kennedy stresses that along with all required environmental change in federally funded food programs, the limited time of nutritional education, the concept of density of nutrients stressed so as to maximize nutrients, but allocated as to minimize caloric ‘being selection nutrient rich food to each a challenge, but it is can be especially difficult of families on a budget.

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