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The efficacy from ezetimibe and INEGY has in terms of monitoring proportional changes compared to baseline at CRP and LDL C levels with a %age of patients who have a definite single-and dual LDL-C is operative for reducing apolipoprotein B.-containing lipoproteins and C – reactive protein , the two known risk factors for arteriosclerosis label[2] the research figured out in that INEGY that treated two source of cholesterol. Either cholesterol absorption and production, and apo-B than simvastatin alone on each SAP APO W and CRP values into hypercholesterolemic patients Christie Ballantyne, manager of the the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Methodist DeBakey Heart Center, Houston, and principal investigator on an of the clinical trial found: ‘to of clinical practice well CRP that attaches inflammation, and apo-B, which measures the total number of atherogenic did has predictors to cardiovascular risk of Prior research shown to INEGY is to be treated, the first single pill on two sources of cholesterol. Both production of cholesterol in the liver and the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. Longer effective at reducing overall LDL cholesterol as a statin alone , the added value in lowering both CRP and apo-B in these two studies has dual inhibition presented having INEGY as ‘important treatment option for hypercholesterolemic patient. Own and VYTORIN was more potent than of simvastatin own for to reduce density lipoprotein subfractions This analysis compared the effects of ezetimibe alone, simvastatin alone and INEGY for apolipoprotein W – contains lipoprotein subcellular fractions.[1] Lipoproteins are proteins connections to the lipid to the body in the blood stream and the protein component be apolipoprotein lipoprotein is. Is of special importance is of particular importance as it found in the key apolipoprotein at low density lipoproteins cholesterol or ‘bad’cholesterol. In this study, the primary analyzes the median % change been subfraction cholesterol of INEGY against ezetimibe alone, simvastatin alone 1528 hypercholesterolemic patients were randomly assigned VYTORIN or simvastatin . To density lipoprotein cholesterol subclasses include quantifying by vertical Car profile Search – II process. Results of found that significant reductions in INEGY is prepared extremely low density lipoprotein – cholesterol , of global risk lipoprotein cholesterol and LDL-C compared to ezetimibe alone or simvastatin alone. This degree supported the existing research into the relationship exploring the relationship exploration from between apo B and apoprotein is A-1 and heart disease. Results of in the the INTERHEART study of over 29,000 people in that both most important predictors of infarction have cigarette smoke and any abnormal ratio of from SAP APO B. – SAP APO A-1, the foretold combined two-thirds of the global risk of heart attack.