Claimsnet second quarter 2012 revenues increase 12 percent to $657.

This was a good quarter from a revenue standpoint, commented Don Crosbie, CEO of Claimsnet. Revenue was 12 percent greater than for the second quarter of 2011 in fact it is gratifying to see the dedication our customers have to the services that we provide. At the same time, we continue steadily to explore all avenues and choices in accordance with the business on a chance forward basis in order to maximize shareholder value. .. Claimsnet second quarter 2012 revenues increase 12 percent to $657,000 inc. , a leading provider of Internet-based promises processing solutions for the healthcare industry, today reported its results for the second quarter of 2012, which ended June 30, 2012. June 30 For the quarter finished, 2012, Claimsnet reported revenues of $657,000, a 12 percent increase when compared to $586,000 reported for the second quarter of 2011.This condition is caused by repetitive motion with the arm expanded and the wrist upgrading and down. If you’ve got tennis elbow for more than a yr and can’t progress, then it might be smart to investigate having this process completed by an orthopaedic surgeon skilled in arthroscopy. Patients should get better with very few problems, if any, continues Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker adds there are other benefits to arthroscopic surgery: I could look inside the joint to identify additional problems. Arthroscopic surgery boosts the rehabilitation. In all published studies, return to work and play is a lot quicker with arthroscopic technique versus open up surgery, while the complication rate can be equal or less.

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