Citizens sue to revive their Second Amendment privileges in Colorado.

Citizens sue to revive their Second Amendment privileges in Colorado, Connecticut Left-wing, anti-Second Amendment lawmakers and governors have been operating overtime throughout 2013 to take away the supposedly unimpeachable right of their citizens to ‘keep and bear arms’ of their choice . That has specifically been the case in Connecticut , New and Colorado York. But gun owners have had more than enough of the constitutional misuse and are fighting back court with lawsuits targeted at overturning these infringements upon the Second Amendment – and they have latest U.S.

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By no means did I intend to imply that breastfeeding was somehow pornographic. If it came across that way through the broadcast, it had been an innocent mistake or a misstatement on my part. Let the record present that I and strongly advocate breastfeeding openly, including breastfeeding in public. In truth, I have been an outspoken opponent of factory-made infant formula, explaining how human breasts milk is indeed much healthier. To the point of child porn, I do believe that HBO’s depiction of what looks like a 7-year-old litttle lady sucking on a giant pink dildo is entirely obscene and a gross exploitation of children for corporate gain. I am outraged by this attempt to normalize the looks of sex toys on display screen with small children, and I most surely buy into the conservatives on this issue who state that such depictions are immoral and almost certainly illegal.