Cinnamon bark.

‘Focusing on how the condition works is vital that you developing effective drugs that protect the mind and prevent the progression of PD,’ Pahan said. ‘It is known that some essential proteins like Parkin and DJ-1 decrease in the mind of PD sufferers.’ For the brand new study, experts fed ground cinnamon to mice with Parkinson’s disease. They found that, when the cinnamon reached the gut, it was broken down into several metabolites including sodium benzoate, a used food preservative widely. The sodium benzoate then entered the mice’s brains, where it avoided the increased loss of Parkin and DJ-1, stopped neuron loss of life and caused neurotransmitters including dopamine to come back to normal levels. The mice who were fed cinnamon also experienced a noticable difference in motor function.Our associates, customers and partners are creating a sense of community and teamwork by virtually sitting in an area together to conduct meetings and work collaboratively on tasks. The AT&T Telepresence Remedy, enabled by Cisco TelePresence, allows associates from locations all over the world to interact face-to-face through ultra-high definition 1080p screens. Telepresence is an immersive video technology that creates the experience of being in the same room with remote participants, whether they are outside or halfway all over the world. Participants sit over the table from actual-size video of their co-workers and will converse through spatial, wide-band sound. The AT&T Telepresence Remedy allows teams to collaborate in real-time across AT&T’s reliable network.