Christiana Care Health Program has partnered with ColdLight Solutions.

Gage , CEO and President, Medecision, also headquartered in Wayne, Pa.. Bridging the Divides model can help patients with chronic heart disease Christiana Care Health System has partnered with ColdLight and Medecision to provide more coordinated personalized treatment to individuals with chronic heart disease with breakthrough analytics technology. Christiana Care Health Program has partnered with ColdLight Solutions, LLC and Medecision, Inc. In order to provide more coordinated care and better value to individuals with chronic heart disease.Today, that work continues to pay dividends. Ball's ongoing research with the CONversation Cards has led to his team being provided a best Great Educational Material award by the Journal of Nourishment Education and Behavior for the 2013-2014 paper of the year. They thought the idea was novel and the cards might be useful and meaningful, and I believe that's what most researchers would want really, says Ball. The cards had been created for make use of in a pilot task in 2012 at the Pediatric Centre for Excess weight and Wellness, a weight management clinic at the Stollery Kids's Hospital where Ball serves seeing that director. They then became available for health professionals in 2013 through a partnership with the Canadian Obesity Network.