: Cholera spreads in several cities in KatangaSince early January.

There were not enough beds, no continuous disinfection of the building. Alarming situation for alarming situation for a contagious up up to 50 % of patients if left untreated. .. And vomit.: Cholera spreads in several cities in KatangaSince early January, MSF has recorded more than 1,700 people from cholera in the cities of Lubumbashi and Likasi Bukama. All of these people came from the poorer areas where poor hygiene wear a high population density a high population density to flare up this extremely contagious disease. What we saw in Lubumbashi was repeated in Likasi, said Bertrand Perrochet, MSF emergency team coordinator. Appropriate measures to prevent the outbreak have not been made by the health authorities.

MSF was a temporary structure to treat patients and reduce pressure on the Likasi hospital hygiene and water supply built improved dramatically since Thursday has the MSF team treated 170 patients.The displays first communication between polycystin-1 and mTOR, and suggesting that rapamycin to be a promising medicament for the treatment from PBD, explains Weimbs. ‘The fact that rapamycin an clinically approval for other purposes, the future clinical studies on the drug will. ‘.