Cardiologists routinely prescribed vitamin E for their patients reproductive mechanism.

This study suggests that genetic testing for the Hp 2-2 gene ‘may be useful to identify a large diabetic diabetic persons who may be of cardiovascular benefit of it from a very inexpensive treatment could, ‘said Levy. The result is a new answer to an old question – : Can antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E to help prevent heart disease? Previously, cardiologists routinely prescribed vitamin E for their patients, but the practice has dwindled as several major studies in the past decade showed no heart – protective effects and potential harm from vitamin E mega-doses. reproductive mechanism

The majority of the difference between the reduced number of heart attacks among those taking vitamin E. In the group of 1,434 Hp 2-2 individuals who arrived to the study, seven people had not a heart attack, compared to 17 who take the vitamin. Previously, of the Technion Faculty of Medicine, there are no side effects in patients receiving vitamin E. Has been observed.

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