Californias water supply headed for collapse in only one year.

Wells are running dry. In some certain areas of the Central Valley, the land is certainly sinking by one feet or more per year. California, as it happens, is certainly sinking at every level: it’s a horrendously costly business environment, a quickly expanding police state that tramples on constitutional freedoms, a high tax state, a higher crime rate state and a higher rent condition. California is running out of easy jobs, easy money and cheap water. No wonder the Northern half of the state wants to break away from the Southern half and declare itself a sovereign condition.or such additional name as could be dependant on P1 Energy. Bradmer has 19 currently,659,726 common shares outstanding and issued, in addition to 499,000 commodity and 3,512,731 warrants . Beneath the amalgamation, the normal shares of Bradmer will end up being exchanged for common shares of the Resulting Issuer on a 13.6364 for just one basis . The exchange ratio is founded on a deemed cost of CDN$0.22 per common talk about of Bradmer and a deemed cost of CDN$3.00 per common share of P1 Energy. P1 Energy presently has 146,413,171 common shares outstanding and issued, along with 9,600,621 choices, 4,583,500 efficiency warrants, 2,977,929 warrants, convertible debentures and obligations to concern up to 2,843,600 common shares pursuant to asset acquisition agreements . Beneath the amalgamation, each common talk about of P1 Energy will be exchanged for just one common talk about of the Resulting Issuer.