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Initial, the scientists injected a neuron-destroying chemical into the subiculum region of 48 adult rats. Next, again using precise micro-injections, the scientists transplanted hippocampal cells that were taken from newborn transgenic mice and cultured in an incubator in to the hippocampi around half the rats. These special cells had a green fluorescent proteins used to label and track them after transplantation. Related StoriesMayo Clinic's Florida campus awarded NIH grant to identify vascular risk factors in ageing and dementiaHealth Education England launches Dementia Primary Skills Education and Schooling FrameworkOlder adults with dementia make more frequent visits to emergency departmentsTwo months later, the researchers measured how well both the transplant and non-transplant rats remembered and learned, using two well-established maze tests of spatial learning.Our intellectual property focuses on springs to achieve meaningful travel. The ‘Planting season Junction’ patent defends geometry to create a spring based dynamic stabilization gadget, and the ‘Dynamic Spine Stabilizer’ patent shields a variety of stiffness and travel values to ensure its scientific utility. Being involved in a PMA/IDE for a spinal motion preservation technology is certainly a time consuming and expensive exercise, never way more than in the current difficult climate , said Craig Corrance, CEO and President of Applied Backbone. It has, consequently, been particularly satisfying for the Applied Spine group to get five additional patents in the past six months, with several more notable patents because of mature soon.