By learning disorders

About 10,000 babies a year born in the United States with cerebral palsy palsy comprises several types of movement disorders, , and others. By learning disorders, epilepsy, and others . Conditions The most common feature is spasticity, in which the muscles tense and flex uncontrollably. Botox and other drugs can be legally prescribed to treat spasticity, but this use is considered off-label because they were not specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this condition.

Anti – spasticity medications need further researchOnly a few anti – spasticity medications for children employed with cerebral palsy are backed by sufficient research their use their use, according to a new review of the scientific literature by a UT Southwestern Medical Center neurologist conducted and carried out by a national panel of interdisciplinary experts nationwide.

Behm from Duke Medical Center, Chris J. Of the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust, Christ Church, New Zealand, and Murray Laugesen, of Health New Zealand Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand.