Burrito backlash: Chipotle announces it might use sick cows as beef source.

But the ongoing organization ran into serious supply problems on its cuts of beef, because of the growing commercial success of the food chain largely. Chipotle evidently reverses itself hours laterLater in your day, however, Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold informed NPR that he previously made a mistake. I gave Bloomberg incorrect info, he said. NPR goes on to say that . The company is currently evaluating if this strict ‘never-ever’ antibiotic protocol is most beneficial for the animals, or whether animals can be treated when necessary and allowed to remain in the herd. A victory for food consumers everywhereThe big news in all this, however, may be the very reality such a conversation also occurred about animal antibiotics.BioGard will be marketed as a medical food, used under medical supervision, although available over-the-counter, and is expected to be launched in 2009 2009 following results from a phase IIIb/IV multi-site clinical trial beginning this year that is an advanced stage of planning. The product’s active component is certainly a proprietary oral formulation of antigen-targeted Bovine Colostrum Powder that has been authorized by Australia’s regulatory company, the Therapeutic Goods Administration . The product will be first available in tablet format manufactured and packed in a TGA authorized GMP tableting facility. Like other Anadis BCP products, the freeze-dried substances in BioGard tablets is usually obtained from industrial dairy cow herds using the patented Anadis hyper-immunization technology and deploying exclusive collection processes to make sure quality.