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‘Broadcast ‘Broadcast rights ‘Ann Friedman, the American Prospect blog: When President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, victory for the workers, ‘that it was a victory for the workers and for civil rights, ‘Friedman wrote in a blog post, adding: ‘Listen a president to articulate this was nothing less than revolutionary. Women’s rights are civil rights. Women’s rights are human rights . ‘She continues that ‘the protection of the rights of women is good for society as a whole ‘and added that’people who have these rights not to oppose task to retain the company as a whole ‘ ‘makes the debate over reproductive rights for this ‘dynamic ‘very ‘strong ‘, Friedman writes, adding: ‘shortfall of reproductive health is not seen as a blow to the overall health the nation, and indeed the world, ‘she writes. Although Obama’s staff said during the campaign that he ‘believes that reproductive health primary care is ” ‘debate useless when it useless when it actually comes to the adoption of laws,’Obama ‘caves for those reproductive health see nursing as opposed to other types of care. ‘She writes, conservatives ‘struggle for dignity and health care ‘and that Obama will be ‘forced to choose, again and again, whether reproductive health is indeed an ‘essential service ‘, or whether it be a political pawn. ‘she hopes she hopes Obama will ‘ ‘same wide lens through which he viewed the Ledbetter law ‘in decisions about health care, added: ‘After all is good, what is good for women in the country. ‘She concludes: ‘We make healthcare work means making sure it works for all ‘(Friedman, The American Prospect blog.

~ ‘Steele Bends Under Far-Right pressure: ‘I am pro-life, has always been, ,, ”Amanda Terkel, think Progress: Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele recent statements that abortion an individual choice ‘disagreed with the pro-life image he tried for for to support to support extreme of the right right conservatives, who were furious in his new pro-choice stance ‘has Terkel writes. Steele gave a new statement ‘totally backed down from his comments,’Terkel says added, ‘Not only does he now say that abortion is not an individual one or state election, he said that he supports a constitutional ban on abortion. ‘In the statement, Steele said that he ‘will always be pro-life, to have,’adding that he thinks Wade ‘was wrongly decided and should be repealed, ‘Terkel . ~ ‘Michael Steele: Invasion of the Body Snatchers ‘John Jakubczyk, ProLifeBlogs: Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele comments earlier this week that abortion is an ‘individual decision ‘it writes ‘totally incompatible ‘with the Republican Party platform Jakubczyk in a blog entry. Jakubczyk writes that Steele ‘should articulate young fresh face to be in a position, ‘a Republican Party ‘respect for the dignity of the human person ‘that starts with is, ‘Respect for the right to life. ‘Jakubczyk writes that although he, ‘compassion for the women against unwanted pregnancy have a choice.’no moral right ‘choice ‘to kill another innocent person ‘and asks if Steele was ‘trying to be nice and deep and say, ‘I am to choose the babies I want to have a choice. ‘Steele ‘missed an opportunity to explain why we have a platform position every child every child life life, ‘writes Jakubczyk adds that Steele ‘has retracted his statements immediately ‘and ‘look in the mirror and find out if the unborn children are part of his vision. ‘he concludes, if Steele can not do that’he may have to step down so that someone in a position of explaining to the American people what it is for the life means means in there gets and his party chairman is ‘(Jakubczyk, ProLifeBlogs.

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