Biotheras beta glucan patents upheld Cypress Systems Inc.

A third lawsuit was filed against Fenchem Enterprises, Ltd., a Chinese ingredient business. Within the conditions of the settlement, Cypress Systems has decided to give Biothera its client list and invoices for days gone by two years, its provider invoices, and can assign its Beta Precise trademark to Biothera. Cypress Systems has recently informed its clients that it shall no more sell beta glucan items. We are happy with the settlement and assured that we will continue steadily to effectively enforce our patent privileges, said Mueller.We believe the Michael addition response offers the possibility to address elastomer technology issues with safer reactivity. .. CMS issues MLR rules for Medicare plans Also in the news, Medicare beneficiaries are slated to receive a decrease in out-of-pocket drug costs. Bloomberg: Medicare Medication Costs To Be Reduced For Seniors, U.S. Says Elderly and disabled sufferers signed up for Medicare will for the first time receive an annual reduction in out-of-pocket charges for drugs, the government announced. The standard deductible for plans in Medicare's drug program, called Part D, will be $310 in 2014, about 4.6 % much less than this year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said in a statement today. Copayments also will be reduced for the program that started in 2006 .