Beware baby carrots most recent food scare!

Related StoriesCountering Ebola misinformation: an interview with Dr Katie Geary, International SOSDeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMEShigellosis can be an infection cause by several bacteria called Shigella. People contaminated with Shigella generally develops diarrhea , fever and tummy cramps which occur a couple of days after contact with the bacterium. Some infected people may have no symptoms at all, but could possibly be contagious nevertheless; a lot of people recover within five to a week but small children and older people are especially vulnerable and may experience such serious diarrhea that they have to be hospitalized.The key here, nevertheless, is for you to become a smart consumer. Constantly read the fine print and have yourself whether a particular make of vitamins or supplements won’t possess any reactions to any medicine you are taking at the moment. Ask yourself, as well, if taking such dietary supplement is necessary for you. Furthermore, be familiar with bottles with the tag ‘natural’ on them. Just because the manufacturer promises the product is organic doesn’t mean it in fact came from natural resources or are even secure to take.