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Bladder tumors are 2 to 3 3 times more common in men. Causes of Bladder Cancers Smoking, gender, and diet can affect the risk of developing bladder malignancy. Bladder carcinomas are also associated with industrial exposure to aromatic amines in dyes, paints, benzedine, nitrates, solvents, leather dirt, inks, combustion products, rubber, and textiles. The period between contact with the carcinogen and advancement of symptoms is about 18 years. There happens to be limited evidence that diet plan plays a right part in the development of bladder cancer, but a diet high in fruit and veggies and low in fats may help reduce the risk.As well as the Australian research a little study by Brazilian experts has discovered that exercise during being pregnant may help females reduce the dependence on anesthesia if they give birth. Experts from the University of Campinas completed a report involving 71 women that are pregnant – 34 were designated to a water aerobics workout programme for three 50 minute session every week and in comparison to 37 in a sedentary control group, matched for age group, weight, education, prior body and births mass before pregnancy.