Based on preliminary review of the data.

Based on preliminary review of the data, no new or unexpected treatment-related safety concerns during the DEFEND – 1 study were produced. Investigators and supervisors have the DEFEND – 1 study reported results.

For his hypothesis, Mackman and his colleagues analyzed to test humans, monkeys and mice with high cholesterol. They found that all three groups have increased tissue factor in the circulation. Then the researchers the mice the mice and monkeys with simvastatin, a drug commonly used to blood cholesterol levels blood cholesterol levels. They showed that simvastatin reduced levels of oxidized low density lipoprotein and circulating tissue factor normalized coagulation unaltered plasma cholesterol levels..China is our biggest trading partner, these results of not just for other middle-income importance in the transition, but also to the United States, Moran said.

Study co-author Dongfeng Gu, vice president of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to Beijing, in that the demographic changes, to the burden of CVD as well as the any other of cancers and non-communicable diseases will increased and obstacles. – In China, as in many other over the world to government has mainly focused on infectious diseases, however of China now has a double exposure the disease, said Ku. If has no significant preventive measures are taken, the loading of the cardiovascular diseases are inevitably continue to increase in China.