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One of them is the fingertip blood sugar – that is the one that one drop of blood from the finger or know sometimes the arm the blood sugar level the blood sugar level at the moment. So that tells you the hour, whenever you measure exactly what your sugar do at this time. The other common approach is the use of hemoglobin A1c – has several names A1c, glycosylated hemoglobin, there are different names – but this is the measure that tells you your average your average control will be taken in the months before the test.. At this time. Main actions that I have to check if I diabetes under control diabetes under control?Q: What are the most important measures my my diabetes under control?Answer: The first understand understand that there are measures, and you know how to use them, if under control, it under control, it is not really just a matter of whether you feel bad or symptoms high blood sugar.

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