As worlds initial polio vaccine turns 57.

As world’s initial polio vaccine turns 57, scientists attempting to develop better alternatives In this article in the Costs & Melinda Gates Foundation’s ‘Impatient Optimists’ blog, Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Oshinsky examines the development of the world’s first polio vaccine, noting that the vaccine, produced by Jonas Salk of the University of Pittsburgh, turned 57 on Thursday. ‘Now, with an optical attention on the endgame, scientists and experts are developing better vaccines actually,’ Oshinsky writes, concluding, ‘The fight to end polio will not be easy, but it can be done surely. We should seize this historic chance, fulfilling the guarantee we made to our children – – to all or any children – – 57 years ago today’ malegra . This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.