As well as interviews with people with vision loss

A systematic review of the literature collected the research team and guidance from previous studies refreshed a survey of a survey of counseling centers for people with sight loss in the UK, as well as interviews with people with vision loss, the team found that the adaptation. To vision loss was like the stages of grief . Participants reported initial feelings of panic and despair, followed by destruction and depression before finally addressing vision loss. This is because vision loss changed dramatically a person, the way of life, cutting short activities to strengthen feelings of self-esteem and quality of life, not to go into the situation was a serious blow, in addition to a general loss of independence that a major factor in the development of depression. – The very real problem of loneliness among people with vision loss was under researched. Participants reported that having that lead to your work, or with friends their with their vision loss often cope with the loss of their friends. Emotional help came from family and friends, along with voluntary groups, vision loss. Organized. Counseling and group-based courses were useful because they both information and mutual support provided. There is currently no real understanding of the most effective way to deal with the emotional impact of vision loss, says McCullagh. Properly funded research and a real commitment is essential if local services in the UK are ever to the emotional support that could ward off depression, to offer patients with vision loss. .

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