Arsenic exposure might trigger hypertension By Helen Albert.

Regarding specific arsenicals, people in the highest tertile for MMA acquired a 1.69-fold higher risk for hypertension than those in the lowest tertile after adjustment for confounders. Similarly, those in the highest versus the lowest tertile for urinary DMA and iAs acquired an elevated risk for hypertension, although this became nonsignificant pursuing adjustment for confounders. ‘Used together, our findings suggested that arsenic exposure, high level of CAE especially, associated with the prevalence of hypertension waspositively, and that higher focus of urinary MMA might be related to the improved susceptibility to hypertension,’ write the experts.Carrots have long been associated with good health insurance and their deep, vivid hues certainly are a testament to their impressive concentrations of antioxidants. Actually, the Old Greeks regarded the carrot as a medication rather than a food and modern analysis is starting to understand why. Rich in vision-boosting supplement A One medium-sized carrot contains 7,836 worldwide units of vitamin A or 157 percent of our recommended daily intake. This vitamin A comes from the carrot’s high concentrations of carotenoids, notably beta-carotene .