Ariboflavinosis Vitamin B2 deficiency What vitamin B2 does?

May appear as follows: * Irritation of the tongue – glossitis: tongue swells and becomes painful * Cracks in corners of mouth, which can become infected frequently: angular stomatitis * Burning feeling in the mouth, tongue and lips * Irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and nasal area * Itching * Swelling of the sebaceous glands of the skin – seborrheic dermatitis, especially on the face and scrotum / major labia. Affected areas turn reddish colored and obtain greasy and scaly * Gain an oily hair, nails become brittle * Visual disturbances, sensitivity to shiny light, international body feeling in the optical vision, red and tearing eyes If riboflavin deficiency is persistent, is certainly describing impaired central nervous system and peripheral , anemia , digestive disorders, slowing growth in children.Hepatitis B & HIV might lead to weakened immune system that subsequently may bring about this disease. Apoptosis, i.e. Survival of the previous unwanted cells in your body can lead to cancer also. Treatment – Many types of conventional treatments including CT Scans, X-Rays and ultra sound PET or scans scans are accomplished to measure the exact culprits behind the disease. Suitable medications are suggested. But all of them do not really result in permanent relief.