Are you Worrying yourself Sick?

Research reveals some brains could be pre-disposed to overreact to potential threats. But even if you are a natural-born fretter, you can break free from the worry cycle and prevent it from ruling your daily life. By gauging your degree of anxiety and learning ways to calm your mind, you can include years – not to mention tranquility – to your daily life. Unfortunately, anxiety disorders tend to be not treated properly. One reason is that the main danger sign – worry – is an all natural emotion that most of us encounter on a regular basis. In the end, who hasn’t felt stress before an interview, or obsessed about not really turning off the oven after leaving the house? While it’s true a certain amount of anxiety is healthy , the nagging problem is that lots of of us worry too frequently.The little Pomeranian was ‘just violently shaking, his mouth is open, his eyes are rolling back again, he’s drooling,’ she informed KCNC reporter Kathy Walsh. Subhas tried changing his diet. Then she visited pot. ‘We were recommended by our veterinarian in Boulder that people try a medical marijuana product for our doggie,’ she said. The product is named Canna Companion. Leo began on two capsules a day. ‘Shortly after, his seizures definitely decreased,’ said Subhas. On the company website,, Canna Companion is described as a hemp supplement pertaining to dogs and cats. The business calls it a unique mixture of cannabis sativa strains with low levels of THC, the ingredient that gets people high. There are more than a dozen testimonials published on the website.