Appearing before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

American Legion testifies in Congress in bills affecting veterans The American Legion testified in Congress yesterday on several pieces of pending legislation that would affect veterans if signed into law. Appearing before the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Ian de Planque conveyed The American Legion’s support for many bills being regarded by the committee tadalafiili.html . De Planque is deputy director of the Legion’s veterans affairs and rehabilitation division: S. 1939: Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009 The American Legion strongly supports the expansion of presumption of contact with Agent Orange for veterans who served on naval vessels situated in the territorial waters of Vietnam .

American Board of Radiology clamps down on rampant cheating among doctors seeking panel certification Memorizing plank certification test questions and relaying them to various other doctors soon to take the check themselves is becoming common practice among radiology doctors seeking to become board certified. But the American Board of Radiology , as well as a number of educational organizations, are cracking down upon this practice, referred to as ‘recalls,’ after escalating concerns about how exactly this form of cheating could ruin the integrity of the panel certification process. CNN reports that Dr. Matthew Webb, an Army captain who was trained at the San Antonio Uniformed Services Wellness Education Consortium , lately filed a complaint with ABR about the widespread usage of recalls.