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In March 2009, all 15 claims were rejected due to obviousness and/or insufficient novelty in an Actions Closing Prosecution. The 15 claims were rejected in the Final Office Action again; Amylin gets the right to appeal this Final USPTO Actions. The counterpart to Patent No. 6,924,264 has been rejected in Europe. ConjuChem has a quantity of issued patents in the insulinotropic peptide field including a composition of matter patent for PC-DAC:Exendin-4 that was issued by the USPTO in July 2003.Finally, we are pleased to announce that people have committed to yet another $25,000 grant from our foundation, for the 2013 Colorado wildfire alleviation efforts specifically. .

CDC lab worker might have been exposed to Ebola A mishap at a Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance in Atlanta may have exposed a lab worker to to the Ebola virus. The CDC said the incident happened after an Ebola sample researchers were working on in a high-protection lab was mistakenly transferred to a lower-security laboratory on the CDC campus.