And a similar study had undergone for women.

The hormone therapy portion of the WHI study had two placebo-controlled trials: one in which allocated half the women taking a combination of estrogen and progestin had, and a similar study had undergone for women, a hysterectomy, in which half the participants took estrogen alone. The estrogen-progestin arm was called to an early halt in 2002 when evidence showed that women the combined therapy face an increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, blood clots and in the first year of treatment, heart attack.

Remembered, however, a Stanford University School of Medicine researchers, lead author of the follow-up study are women that hormone therapy still carries other health risks, such as the increased likelihood of blood clots and stroke, and stressed that should not be the latest results interpreted as meaning that estrogen may be used to prevent heart disease are. Heart disease is complex, and the effect of estrogen on one risk factor does not adequately predict the risk of a heart attack, said Marcia Stefanick, a professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and chair of the national steering committee for the entire WHI study.‘This could principle revolutionized kidney transplant and their the treatment,’says Ferdinand M hlbacher, Director Department of Surgery and combined with the immunologist Thomas Wekerle, director of the Wiener Studienzentrum? Held nine years of can transplanted kidney by belatacept supported past 13 years , according to conservative estimated. Hlbacher somewhat optimistic in. ‘I guess that 15 to 17. ‘Nine out of every 22 Patient is or involved of Vienna researcher long-term studies. You will be treated with the substance of ten years after the transplant. ‘Your renal function are excellent,’Hlbacher.

Renal and liver transplantation is been commonplace these days, says M hlbacher and the current trend be for lung transplantations? The Medicine Vienna being and a worldwide leader in this area. Walter Klepetko, Chairman, Department of Thorax Surgery, performs that biggest lung transplantation center of in Europe that. Too the second most in the world. Sources: Medical University Vienna, AlphaGalileo Foundation.