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Applying a supermarket strategy to patient-specific marketing Some hospitals are employing a ‘customer management program’ to ‘market to sufferers and doctors the same way supermarkets do – – by mailing details they think a person needs or wants based on their history,’ American Medical News reports reviews.html . ‘The usage of CRM software by medical industry is along with the increasing automation of data ranging from doctor referrals to electronic medical records. The program uses that info to create targeted mailing campaigns, phone banking institutions and personalized Web content, analogous to when online market makes ideas for customers based on a user’s history purchases and searches.’ The endeavors are regulated by patient privacy laws, but hospitals must still encounter the task of maintaining individual trust.

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Anxiety can cause individuals are more idealistic in spiritual belief, researchers find Anxiety and uncertainty can cause us to become more idealistic and more radical inside our religious beliefs, according to new findings by York University experts, published in this month’s issue of the Journal of Character and Social Psychology. In some studies, more than 600 participants were put into anxiety-provoking or neutral situations and then asked to spell it out their personal goals and rate their amount of conviction for their religious ideals. This included asking participants whether they would provide their lives for their faith or support a battle in its defence. Across all studies, anxious conditions caused individuals to become more engaged in their ideals and extreme in their religious convictions eagerly.