American Heart Associations Charlotte Chapter receives $20.

Beneath the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. Resource AT&T Inc. RELATED LINKS.. American Heart Association’s Charlotte Chapter receives $20,000 from AT&T In&T today donated $20,000 to the American Center Association's Charlotte chapter, the biggest donation so far to the business's 2013 marketing campaign. ‘In the last three years, the need for good heart health is becoming very true for me,’ said Condition Rep.It was, as you discovered in senior high school health class probably, designed to digest organic foods and nutrients supplied by Mother Nature solely. Of course, pharmaceuticals have become seductive. The idea you could pop a tablet and also have all your health issues corrected is very attractive to many people. That is perhaps what experienced Brittany Murphy. She mistakenly thought FDA-approved medications would protect her wellness when, in reality, she was taken by them life. NaturalNews mourns her death and expectations that others will find out the reality about dangerous prescription medications and look for safer, more organic alternatives that may save their lives. So why celebrities need great nutritionBeing a celebrity is incredibly stressful and demanding really.