Also in global wellness news: Urban malnutrition in CAR.

A memo issued Tuesday by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services instructs officers to put on hold any green cards applications for foreign nationals that could otherwise be denied simply because of HIV status. These holds shall continue until the release of the final rule change, which is anticipated later this year from the Section of Health & Human Services . Reuters AlertNet examines the effects of the drought on Somalia, where according to the country’s U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator Mark Bowden, 3.6 million Somalis – greater than a third of the populace – already rely on food aid – lots likely to grow as the country faces its worst drought in nearly 20 years .I wish to work with state agencies to move that information on to consumers so they can make good options about where to fill up their prescriptions.’ Cox stated. Related StoriesWhy do we rest? As the administrator of the State’s Medicaid plan, MDCH regularly obtains usual and customary drug prices information that’s reported by every Michigan pharmacy that fills Medicaid prescriptions. This pricing details is offered to MDCH by First Wellness Services Corporation, a Virginia firm, which provides pharmacy benefits management services to the State’s Medicaid program. Several months ago, Lawyer General Cox requested First Wellness Services Corporation to provide usual and customary pricing information right to the Attorney General’s office, so that the Lawyer General could pass on pricing info to Michigan consumers.