Alnylam third quarter income boosts from $24.

Announced Corporate Restructuring. Alnylam announced a corporate restructuring with an approximate 25 percent reduction in overall workforce. The workforce reduction was in keeping with a decreased dependence on service-based activities generally, like the historical resource allocation of research providers to Novartis. Obtained Equity Investment in Regulus. Within their landmark alliance with Regulus, sanofi-aventis completed their $10 million equity investment in substitution for a significantly less than 10 percent equity ownership position. The rest of the ownership of Regulus is held by Alnylam and Isis equally. Awarded $2.5 Million in Grants from U.S. Government. Alnylam announced today that it has been granted approximately $2 million under the U.S.Reducing maternal mortality is among the key global healthcare objectives. Near 350,000 women die each full year due to insufficient proper diagnosis and treatment and several millions are affected. The inability to recognize and treat anemia and hemorrhage in the developing world due to insufficient infrastructure and personnel is a key limitation in the UN and WHO attempts to reduce maternal mortality. OrSense has developed and commercialized a noninvasive, portable monitoring system for measuring spot and constant hemoglobin and other bloodstream parameters.