Affects carbohydrate and triglyceride metabolism.

Further research is needed the the exact biological mechanisms at work in this process and determine what the fatty acids , affects carbohydrate and triglyceride metabolism, he said. It seems that suppress fat diet elongase-5 activity. ‘These studies show a link between fatty acid elongation and hepatic glucose and triglyceride metabolism,’the researchers wrote in their report, ‘and suggest a role for regulators of elongase – 5 activity in the treatment of diet – induced hyperglycemia and fatty liver. ‘.

The findings could offer a new approach to diabetes therapy, experts say, especially if a drug could be identified that would do was done was done in this case with genetic manipulation.The entire pictureThe EU-funded CASBLiP project has been designed to image processing and audio mapping technologies a single, portable unit that could be carried by blind persons and help in the open air integrated to navigate.