According to ABC News.

According to ABC News, Obama met earlier this year with the new AMA president Dr. James Rohack, the U.S. President said that one of the reasons the nation’s health bill is so high because doctors practice defensive medicine , where so they order unnecessary tests, referrals and hospitalizations especially if they be sued.

Healthcare reformPresident Barack Obama to support doctors in America today, as he delegates of the 158th Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association in Chicago addressed. – A White House informed the press that the president ‘replicate his vision for a system, best practices, incentive excellence and closes cost disparities ‘speak to them about, reported the Reuters news agency. – In his case, the president will ‘help ensure that the work is done ‘for doctors, while Congress works on the most controversial parts of his health care reform plan ask. The President proposes to develop a system costs costs while increasing the options. In the heart of there is a health insurance exchange where private plans compete with a public option, said the government official. This was said with skepticism from some Republicans that including a public plan that will competitive is some insurers out of business and reduce the long-term choice for patients who received – ..This move is part a campaign from Dubai Cares for Adult training in a million children at to get help to contribute Millennium Development Goal 2 – achievement of the general primary education by 2015.