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James L. Sherley, a senior scientist at the Boston Biomedical Study Institute in Watertown and others who oppose stem cell analysis. Yesterday, members of their legal team stated that any delay in the implementation of the injunction was intolerable . The New York Times: The stay also gives Congress period to consider legislation that could render the ban, and the court case behind it, moot largely, a prospect that some embattled Democrats have got welcomed. Despite staunch opposition by some critics, embryonic stem cell study is well-known, and a legislative combat on the issue could prove a tonic for Democrats battling a hardcore political environment .The group used data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Kids. Of the more than 14,000 participants, 5076 had bloodstream samples taken at the age of 9 years that were enough for the measurement of IL-6 and C-reactive proteins . From these, the researchers excluded 491 kids with recent infection during the blood draw. Related StoriesMylan releases generic version of Invega in the U.S.Aristada extended release injection approved to treat adults with schizophreniaBrain & Behavior Research Foundation to honor nine scientists with Outstanding Achievement PrizesOnly 2528 of the individuals with inflammatory marker data attended assessment for psychotic encounters at age 18 years, and 2453 were assessed for unhappiness.